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A European spatial data infrastructure to support Community environmental policies that enable cross-border data sharing and provide interoperable services in support of policy makers and implementers, as well as business, science, and citizens.


INSPIRE Principles

INSPIRE is based on a number of common principles:

  • Data should be collected only once and kept where it can be maintained most effectively.
  • It should be possible to combine seamless spatial information from different sources across Europe and share it with many users and applications.
  • It should be possible for information collected at one level/scale to be shared with all levels/scales; detailed for thorough investigations, general for strategic purposes.
  • Geographic information needed for good governance at all levels should be readily and transparently available.
  • It should be easy to find what geographic information is available, how it can be used to meet a particular need, and under which conditions it can be acquired and used.

An overview for the users

Community support
Community support

Starting from January 2021, all the INSPIRE helpdesks and discussion platforms are operated and managed into the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation GitHub space

Maintenance and Implementation

The INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group (MIG), a Commission expert group consisting of representatives of the INSPIRE National Contact Points, coordinates the joint activities between the European Commission (DG Environment and the JRC), the EEA and the EU Member States to support the maintenance, implementation and evolution of the INSPIRE Directive. The MIG plays a key role in the ongoing process of modernization and evolution of INSPIRE.

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Find out more on tasks of INSPIRE Coordination Team (CT), INSPIRE Committee (IC) and National Contact Points (NCPs)

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