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Who do I talk to in my country?

Each Member State is obliged to ensure that appropriate structures and mechanisms are designed for coordinating, across the different levels of government, the contributions of all those with an interest in their infrastructures for spatial information.

The INSPIRE in your country section provides information for each individual country.


What do we have to do to implement INSPIRE?

To ensure that the Spatial Data Infrastructures of the Member States are compatible and usable in a community and transboundary context, the INSPIRE Directive requires that common Implementing Rules (IR) are adopted in a number of specific areas.

In addition to the Implementing Rules, non-binding Technical Guidance documents describe detailed implementation aspects and relations with existing standards, technologies, and practices.

The INSPIRE framework is being updated to take into account technological developments since its entry into force and the experience gained from its implementation.

In view of a simplification of implementation, a flexible and transparent approach for the update of the technical artefacts (Technical Guidelines, UML models and XML schemas) is in place: the artefacts are hosted in dedicated repositories under the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation GitHub organization and  change proposals to current versions are subject to specific  governance and release process.The release of the endorsed changes to the INSPIRE artefacts happens twice a year and it is scheduled to take place by January 31 and July 31.

Find more information in the Evolution section.

Furthermore, it is possible, through a simplified procedure, to propose good implementation practices, e.g. to consider new standards and technologies or to meet domain-specific use cases, and to share them with the wider INSPIRE community as INSPIRE Good Practice.

Examples of endorsed Good Practices are INSPIRE Download Services based on the OGC API-Features standard and the GeoPackage encoding of INSPIRE datasets.


Which data?

One of the major goals of INSPIRE is to create harmonised spatial data sets that can be used seamlessly in cross-border applications. In order to reach this goal it is necessary to agree on common definitions for the 34 themes covered by INSPIRE.

The  INSPIRE Glossary contains general terms and definitions that specify the common terminology used in the INSPIRE Directive and in the INSPIRE Implementing Rules documents and these training modules.


What are the deadlines?

The Directive was implemented in stages. Full implementation was required by 10/12/2021.

Detailed information on the roadmap can be found in the INSPIRE Roadmap.


Are there any step-by-step guides for implementers?

A number of training resources are available in the Training Library


Tools and resources

The tools and resources repository provides access to resources developed by the INSPIRE EC/EEA team.


Where can I find support?

INSPIRE helpdesks and discussion platforms are operated and managed in the dedicated Maintenance and Implementation GitHub space. 

The generic helpdesk can be used for questions, discussions and announcements on general INSPIRE topics. 

Issues related to specific INSPIRE components can be posted to the dedicated helpdesks for the Validator, Geoportal or Registry.