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To remain fit for purpose, INSPIRE is evolving to better support data-driven decision-making and innovation and contribute to the Green Deal Data Space.

To this aim, it is opening to a wider community of implementers and users, fitting into the wider ecosystem of spatial and non-spatial data, infrastructures, technologies and policies.

The INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Work Programme 2021-2024 defines concrete actions to enable the transformation of INSPIRE into a sustainable data ecosystem for the environment, thus supporting the priorities of green and digital transformation, and the European Data Spaces.

Maintenance and Evolution of INSPIRE artefacts

In view of a simplification of INSPIRE implementation, a flexible and transparent approach for the update of the technical artefacts (Technical Guidelines, UML models and XML schemas) has been adopted. 

The new approach facilitates the updating of the technical requirements of the Directive to take account of new standards and technologies as well as implementation experience, and to allow for the timely correction of bugs.

The artefacts are hosted in dedicated repositories under the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation GitHub organization.

Change proposals to the current version of the artefacts can be submitted and discussed in the issue tracker of the specific GitHub repositories. These proposals are then subject to the specific governance and release process whose workflow, actors involved, and release plan are detailed in the related governance process documents, namely the “Management of changes to the INSPIRE schemas (UML models and XML schemas)” and “Management of changes to the INSPIRE Technical Guidance documents”.


GitHub repositories

Good Practices

A streamlined procedure to propose, document, review and publish good implementation practices, e.g. of new standards or emerging technologies, and share them with the wider INSPIRE community.