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Implementing Rules

The Implementing Rules were adopted as Commission Decisions or Regulations and are binding in their entirety. The Commission was assisted in the process of adopting such rules by a regulatory committee composed by representatives of the Member States


Ensure that metadata are created for the spatial data sets and services corresponding to the themes listed in Annexes I, II and III, and that those metadata are kept up to date.


Data specifications

Specify common data models, code lists, map layers and additional metadata on the interoperability to be used when exchanging spatial datasets.


Network services

Specify common interfaces for web services.


Data and service sharing

Specify rights and obligations regarding the sharing of spatial data sets and services between all levels of government.


Spatial data services

Specify rules for the  interoperability of spatial data services.


Monitoring and reporting

Ensure that EU Member States monitor the implementation and use of their infrastructures for spatial information and report to the Commission.